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Crew crunches trailers at bottle exchange

HALIFAX — Demolition crews are tearing into the foam and metal skin of two truck trailers attached to the abandoned Dave’s Bottle Exchange warehouse. It looks like the crews, who started work Wednesday, are leaving the main building up for now.

Anyone know the reason for the work?

A development agreement for this spot was proposed two years ago. Is this the project that is going ahead?

Crews demolish buildings at West and Agricola

The Commons Inn overlooks the timbers of the building that used to house the One World Cafe.
Crews just finished tearing down the two-story structure that once housed the One World Cafe. A worker said on Wednesday that the lot, on the northwest corner of West and Agricola, will soon be filled in with crushed stone. The other address that was demolished contained an office space most recently housing an anti-poverty activist group.

Not much of interest was visible in the rubble except for the singed pages of a mystery novel.

Any insight as to what is in store for this space? Any stories about what was?

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