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St. Patrick’s Day pipes are calling

Some images from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which rolled down Agricola Street on Saturday:

Cute dog averts eyes from the dreaded bagpipes.

Cute dog averts eyes from the dreaded bagpipes.

Festive couture.

Festive couture.

A scene that harkens back 100 years.

A scene that harkens back 100 years.

Boba Fett gets into the spirit, part of a huge Hal-Con delegation.

Boba Fett gets into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, part of a huge Hal-Con delegation.

Morris House finds parking spot

Volunteers involved in finding 249-year-old Morris House a sanctuary in the north end celebrate on Monday after the building was trucked to its new resting spot on Creighton Street.



Chez Tess turns 2

Congratulations to Chez Tess Creperie on its birthday. Owner Liz Cunningham is celebrating her restaurant’s second anniversary today. We’re happy to have been the first to write about such a funky restaurant.

Crew crunches trailers at bottle exchange

HALIFAX — Demolition crews are tearing into the foam and metal skin of two truck trailers attached to the abandoned Dave’s Bottle Exchange warehouse. It looks like the crews, who started work Wednesday, are leaving the main building up for now.

Anyone know the reason for the work?

A development agreement for this spot was proposed two years ago. Is this the project that is going ahead?

A big birthday party on John Street

HALIFAX — Eight neighbours celebrated a birthday on or close to Saturday, so birthday cake was the natural thing to take over the John Street street party this weekend. Afternoon festivities — including street hockey, live music and zumba dancing — also got a boost from the unexpected drive-by appearance of about 100 naked bicycle riders. Yep, it’s true. How could we make something like that up?

John Street residents got up and danced the zumba at their street party Saturday.

Bubby Adams bought his home on John Street 40 years ago. He did a fine business at the morning yard sale.

Birthday cake and folk music took care of the early afternoon.

Who needs Joel Quenneville? There were plenty of coaches on hand to help aspiring hockey players.

John Street to celebrate ‘good city life’

HALIFAX — Residents on John Street are organizing a street party for Saturday, June 12, that, according to the invitation, will celebrate “the street and the good city life.”

North and Agricola sources confirm that at least two architects and one set of baby twins will be celebrating their birthday at the event, so be prepared to sing the Happy Birthday song again and again.

8-11:30 a.m. — Yard sale
Noon-1:15 p.m. — Potluck lunch and live music
1-3 p.m. — Street games like hockey, hopscotch, hula hooping and soccer
3-7 p.m. — Dance party including zumba

The weather forecast shows a big bright sun with a high of 21 C. But Environment Canada has been known to make mistakes: Rain date is June 19.

Mailboxes that spruce it up

It’s time to open hostilities against the ubiquitous black wall-mounted metal boxes that sully the front of so many homes. After all, Canada Post is hitting a fever pitch delivering Christmas cards and presents. Let’s receive them in style.

Some neighbours take a stand. Their choices of oddball, homemade and hand-painted mailboxes add a refreshing flavour to the street. They’ve jazzed it up for the letter carrier. The mailbox usually occupies a high-profile piece of front siding. May as well make it glow.

Photos were taken, from the top, on North, Charles and Black streets.

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