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St. Patrick’s Day pipes are calling

Some images from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which rolled down Agricola Street on Saturday:

Cute dog averts eyes from the dreaded bagpipes.

Cute dog averts eyes from the dreaded bagpipes.

Festive couture.

Festive couture.

A scene that harkens back 100 years.

A scene that harkens back 100 years.

Boba Fett gets into the spirit, part of a huge Hal-Con delegation.

Boba Fett gets into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, part of a huge Hal-Con delegation.

The scarecrows of Moran and Woodill

It was no fun being a scarecrow tonight. One stepped in a bucket. Another was pinned high on a door. A third lay crumpled, as if shot.  Yet another perched next to a green bin that smelled like it had last been emptied in August.


Happy Halloween.


High-altitude woodwork relies on ropes

Jamie Simpson sorts out ropes high above an Agricola Street backyard.

HALIFAX — A forester using only climbing gear and a chain saw is in the final stretch of cutting down a seven-storey-high tree. The poplar is located in an Agricola Street backyard. Jamie Simpson was hired to remove the tree because the trunk was creeping too close to a home’s foundation. He makes his way through the tree by cutting off short branches and lowering them with the help of an assistant on the ground.

These pictures were taken Saturday afternoon.

A helper on the ground helps lower branches cut by the forester, seen here two-thirds of the way up the tree.

No cherry picking going on here.

Attic fire on Woodill Street

Firefighters cut open the attic around the chimney.

A neighbouring home served as a platform for firefighters.

HALIFAX — Firefighters worked hard to put out a stubborn attic fire on Woodill Street on Sunday. The lunchtime blaze appeared in the roof near the chimney. No one was reportedly hurt, but it forced a family with two young children out to the street.

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