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Castle-building in the North End


Two young men drew a towering castle out of chalk to celebrate a friend on Sunday. The barbershop- and Kremlin-inspired design was accompanied by the words Happy Birthday, Cari. The drawing lasted until rain overnight Sunday washed it out.

Gardening ideas for a high-top

A mystery gardener laced up this shoe around a small flowerpot and left it alongside the pedestrian path that links Princess Place and June Street. (Photo taken Monday morning.)

Wehrmacht rolls into neighbourhood

An actor stands on Sarah Street waiting for his time in front of the camera.

HALIFAX — Actors dressed as German and English soldiers patrolled Sarah and June streets on Tuesday. It’s all part of the television production The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour now being filmed by the people behind the Trailer Park Boys.

The German soldier stands guard over the set.

Squirrelly sense of direction

Owner must be worried sick.

Owner must be worried sick.

This poster was just spotted at the corner of June and Sarah. Author unknown.

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