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A big birthday party on John Street

HALIFAX — Eight neighbours celebrated a birthday on or close to Saturday, so birthday cake was the natural thing to take over the John Street street party this weekend. Afternoon festivities — including street hockey, live music and zumba dancing — also got a boost from the unexpected drive-by appearance of about 100 naked bicycle riders. Yep, it’s true. How could we make something like that up?

John Street residents got up and danced the zumba at their street party Saturday.

Bubby Adams bought his home on John Street 40 years ago. He did a fine business at the morning yard sale.

Birthday cake and folk music took care of the early afternoon.

Who needs Joel Quenneville? There were plenty of coaches on hand to help aspiring hockey players.

Capoeira dancers take spin on Commons

HALIFAX — Sunday’s cycling festival at the Commons got some extra rhythm and movement from a group of capoeira dancers who played, grooved and mock-battled for much of the afternoon. Capoeira originated in Brazil and is considered a martial art and dance form.

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