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A window with lots of heart

A creative window display at Dee Dee’s Ice Cream shop on Cornwallis Street ushers in Valentine’s Day. Love the personalized touches. A sample of the messages markered on the cut-outs:

  • I love bikes
  • I love data cave 542
  • My cat, Sue
  • Matt Grimson
  • I love that our planet has a moon
  • Bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips
  • I love our glorious province and smiling @ strangers

Going crazy with scissors and red paper.

A loving nod to the good that's come from the nearby skating oval.

Traffic control

A police officer watches cyclists in the final criterium race at the Halifax Commons on Sunday. After the race, the roadway will remain closed to cars from 2 to 5 p.m. for a public bike-themed street party.

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