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Capoeira dancers take spin on Commons

HALIFAX — Sunday’s cycling festival at the Commons got some extra rhythm and movement from a group of capoeira dancers who played, grooved and mock-battled for much of the afternoon. Capoeira originated in Brazil and is considered a martial art and dance form.

Pounding feet and personal bests

HALIFAX — Once again Maynard Street played a pivotal role hosting the Blue Nose Marathon. Over 5,800 runners ran north on the residential road on Sunday before doing different loops around the north end and Dartmouth depending on whether they were 5k, 10k, half-marathon or marathon racers.

Thanks to the North and Agricola reader who provided these pictures but declined to be credited.

Consolidation of Needham Pool in the cards

Over 70 people were forced to stand at the Needham meeting because of a lack of chairs. (Image added day after original posting below.)

Three public meetings this week could have a big impact on Needham Centre and its swimming pool.

The sessions, run by the municipality, are to discuss a 150-page document that looks at the future of the city’s fields, pools and rinks. Some of the recommendations will be of interest to swimmers who enjoy Needham and Centennial pools.

An example:

From page 54 of HRM's Community Facility Master Plan

Read the full document here.

Public meetings are scheduled for the Needham Centre/Pool (Nov. 23), St. Andrew’s Centre (Nov. 25) and Halifax Forum’s Multi Purpose Centre (Nov. 26). The meetings start at 7 p.m..

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