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Bargains for Roberts Street

Shoppers comb through the goodies at the Roberts Street Social Centre’s annual yard sale on Saturday. The centre is launching a week of fundraising with the event. Today’s sale will be on until 2 p.m.

Foggy night

Fog descends over a street light on Agricola Street.

Crew crunches trailers at bottle exchange

HALIFAX — Demolition crews are tearing into the foam and metal skin of two truck trailers attached to the abandoned Dave’s Bottle Exchange warehouse. It looks like the crews, who started work Wednesday, are leaving the main building up for now.

Anyone know the reason for the work?

A development agreement for this spot was proposed two years ago. Is this the project that is going ahead?

Earl flips boxspring into road

The first rain bands from hurricane Earl are now cleaning out the gutters on Agricola Street, near West Street. Discarded furniture left out by departing tenants over the last week is now getting tossed around by the increasing winds.

This boxspring was the first to hit the roadway.

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