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High-altitude woodwork relies on ropes

Jamie Simpson sorts out ropes high above an Agricola Street backyard.

HALIFAX — A forester using only climbing gear and a chain saw is in the final stretch of cutting down a seven-storey-high tree. The poplar is located in an Agricola Street backyard. Jamie Simpson was hired to remove the tree because the trunk was creeping too close to a home’s foundation. He makes his way through the tree by cutting off short branches and lowering them with the help of an assistant on the ground.

These pictures were taken Saturday afternoon.

A helper on the ground helps lower branches cut by the forester, seen here two-thirds of the way up the tree.

No cherry picking going on here.

Kite festival gets running start

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HALIFAX — Shifty winds and at least 30 kites danced above the Commons on Saturday afternoon. All the flying objects and variable gusts suggest that next year’s Kite Flying Festival could use an air traffic controller.

But a few crossed kite lines didn’t stop the fun.

Among the kites aloft were Chinese panel kites, tetrahedron-shaped cells and store-bought models decorated as butterflies, Spiderman and Barbie.

Rina Otero, director of King’s View Academy, said the school wanted to organize a festival that tapped into an activity shared by cultures around the world. Students attended a kite-building workshop in preparation for the day. She said Saturday’s cool, cloudy weather didn’t disrupt the inaugural event.

“For a beginning, I think it’s great. There are a lot of people out here that we don’t know,” said Otero.

She hopes to have musicians and involve vendors selling international foods at next year’s event.

Claim staked on Common

HALIFAX — A fresh garden plot has appeared on the south side of the fountain in the middle of the Halifax Common. The gardener has planted three flowers and a multi-coloured sign with a message that could be interpreted as anti-Black Eyed Peas. Do any readers know who authored the sign? Was it put up in a splash of publicity, or in the dark of night?

Lebanese Fest fires up grill this weekend

lebanese 100709

HALIFAX – Sizzling Mediterranean food and free admission. Lebanese Festival organizers have those two aces up their sleeves when competing with Paul McCartney for an audience this weekend.

It’s the ninth year of the event, which attracts many volunteers from Halifax’s Lebanese community.

“We’ve all been here since the beginning of the festival,” said Lorendo, pictured above between Caroline, on left, and Ramza. The three were tending to a grill full of chich taouk and kafta Friday afternoon, just before the onslaught of the after-work crowd.

Kid activities, live music, folk dancing and a raffle are other reasons to attend the festival, which runs until Sunday night at the Olympic Centre at 2304 Hunter Street.

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