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Go North! rolls out Saturday

Detail from 2009 Go North! Studio and Gallery Tour map. The full map is available at Above republished with permission.

Detail from 2009 Go North! Studio and Gallery Tour map. The full map is available at Above republished with permission.

The fourth Go North! art celebration rolls out Saturday with a quirky map highlighting the studios, galleries and performances taking part this year.

Every possible play on the word ‘north’ is used to make the legend on this map useful: Olde North, Northbound, Central North, North of North, Far North. Cranky Alfred Hitchcock fans could argue for a North by Northwest category, but that would probably just encompass Canada Post’s Almon Street parking lot.

The existing five geographical districts do the job just fine.

Pick up your own copy of the map between 12 and 6 p.m. tomorrow at the BusStop Theatre, at 2203 Gottingen Street. The full schedule for the day contains information about several hands-on workshops, guided tours and live performances. All stops on the tour are free.

Two of the five Go North! tours available.

Two of the five Go North! tours available.

Halifax Art Map

North End detail from Halifax Art Map, republished with permission of

North End detail from Halifax Art Map, republished with permission of

This is a detail from the 2009 edition. Artists and advertisers who wish to appear on next year’s should contact the people at Halifax Art Map. The full HRM version, and samples of the artists’ work, are also on that website.

(6) Mary Ann Archibald, painter (7) Laurie Mireau, painter (8) turnstile pottery, clay/potter (9) Paul Hannon, painter (10) Lynda Shalagan, painter (11) Taiya Barss, painter (12) Suzanne Gauthier, painter (13) Philip Doucette, glass (14) Susan Tooke, painter (15) Damian Lidgard, photographer (16) Margot Metcalfe, photography (17) Susan Hubley, painter.

(59) Secord Gallery (74) Norman Flynn Design (77) Hen House (78) Bogside Gallery (79) Hydrostone Gallery (80) etc press (81) Outside the Lines (87) Maritime Command Museum (90) 4Cs Foundation (91) Eye Level Gallery (97) FRED.

Nocturne targets North End for tour

HALIFAX — The Nocturne: Art at Night festival wants a new walking tour dedicated entirely to the North End. The challenge is to find a volunteer to design the tour and train three guides in time for the Oct. 17 event.

“Last year we only had a few special projects in the North End and not very much foot traffic,” said Nocturne’s volunteer coordinator, Rose Zack, in an email this week.

The 2008 Nocturne sparked 29 art galleries to open at night. Zack said last year’s festival also included a walking tour of downtown Halifax.

“I think that people took the tour for a more structured way to experience Nocturne and some even commented that it made them feel safer coming downtown.”

Zack said a dedicated North End tour is needed this year because the neighbourhood has changed so much in the last 12 months. New galleries and The Company House venue on Gottingen Street make it a good time to showcase the area, she said. In addition to Nocturne projects, the tour will incorporate architectural and cultural history.

Zack’s first job is to find the right candidate to create the experience. The job description says that volunteer should be “a leader,” enjoy speaking in front of crowds and be good at research and planning.

“I’d like to have someone who lives in and is passionate about the North End,” Zack said. “I think it is up to the developer to make the tour great, drawing on their own interests and knowledge.”

More information: Nocturne: Art at Night, 6 p.m. to midnight, Oct. 17

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Sarah Street block party

sarahblockprty3 250709
Sarah Street residents took to the barricades on Saturday afternoon. Cars were kept out, but hundreds of neighbours dropped by the lane to find out who was performing the live music. Coloured chalk, hulu hoops, rickshaw rides, dancing and a strange game that was part-polo and part-Tour de France kept people happy.

sarahblockprty1 250709
sarahblockprty2 250709

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